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    Hey, @pam2!  I almost finished watching Ken Burns’ documentary – cancelled TV altogether now! – and it really is/was fascinating.  Stay up until 1 am fascinating, have not done that since I stayed up until 3 am, drinking Jim Beam, and watching The Last Waltz for the first time!  On a work night!  Didn’t affect me one bit, actually felt invigorated.  But then I was young.

    I was pretty familiar with a lot of it.  When I was growing up radio would play all kinds of music, not the pre-planned short list of narrow genres that CC bestows on us today.  I loved all the Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline content.  And pretty much everything else.  This documentary joins The Last Waltz and Another Day Another Time, Celebrating the Music of Inside  Llewyn Davis as fantastic compilations of music I love.
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      I will check it out eventually. It was available to view on the PBS website last time I looked.

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    Howdy, ya’ll (and I don’t say that just because I joined this group, but because I lived 33 years in the south (FL, TX).

    I have The Last Waltz album (vinyl) and played it as recently as a year ago. I think I’ve hit upon CM genre from the angle of loving folk (therefore Dylan, and later, The Band, all after Peter/Paul/Mary and Pete Seiger), but then on our trips to go camping in the Great Smokey Mts when during the 70’s when we lived in FL, I got developed a fondness of Bluegrass. I used to have an album of Dolly and Ricky – think it was a Christmas album…

    When seeing Ken Burns stuff, beginning with his excellent Civil War series, and especially his Jazz series, I got the roots of ALL American music as well as what developed in the hollers and the Appalachian.

    If you love music, then you want to understand where it comes from. This helps you understand people who may not be of the same political ilk as I might be, but further understand the issues which is deep in the roots underneath us all.

    Here’s one of the very best ones to close your eyes to (and if you have the voice, sing along)…



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