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3rd parties & paper ballots

  • hypergrove (239 posts)
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    3rd parties & paper ballots

    What do we need to do to give 3rd parties a chance, electorally?

    Electoral “red shift” is a real, observable phenomenon.  In this last election, two third parties had wide ballot access. OK, now note that the reported results for Stein were clearly manipulated, hardly any growth in her numbers since the 2012 election — Trump got alot of her votes.

    So even if we were to see a 3rd party get gobs of votes, they will be redistributed, and the 3rd party remains in relative obscurity.

    For those who support a 3rd party, this why our #1 legislative priority must be to move the country back to paper ballots.  Without this, we go nowhere in no time flat.


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  • JimLane (1613 posts)
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    1. Where are you getting your numbers?

    You urge us to “note that the reported results for Stein were clearly manipulated, hardly any growth in her numbers since the 2012 election….”

    According to Wikipedia, in 2012 Stein received 469,015 votes (0.36%). In 2016 she received 1,308,739 votes (1.0%). The historic unfavorability ratings of the two major-party candidates meant that the Greens, like the Libertarians, approximately tripled their share of the vote (Johnson went from 0.99% in 2012 to 3.27% in 2016).

    I completely agree that we need verifiability, and I don’t see how to attain that without paper ballots.  In making that case, though, let’s be careful about the facts.  Concerns about election integrity are too often dismissed as tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories, so we need to look to our credibility.

  • RichV (56 posts)
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    2. The absolute best thing to do to help third parties

    is eliminate first past the post voting system. Do that and the third party stigma of spoiler candidates can finally die. The second most important thing is to have a verifiable voting system based on paper ballots (and actually verify them).