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Big Brother is right there with social media

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    Big Brother is right there with social media

    Figuring it all out. So how does a person’s political designation get changed? And why?

    You show up at the polling place in 2020 to vote for the Green Party Ticket. Only you are told that you are not registered Green, you are registered Republican… how did it happen? Will you blame Google, or instgram, Facebook or some other aspect of social media?

    How Google helped Hillary and the DNC steal the Election from Bernie, and how the establishment will steal future elections if not exposed! Please Share! from WayOfTheBern

    The last paragraph of the article is a killer:

    So we see that NGP Van can change your voting precinct and possibly voter affiliation. Already Google has told the Clinton campaign who people will vote for through using micro targeting. Specific neighborhoods had targeted affiliation changes that disallowed voters to participate in the primary but wouldn’t change their ability to vote in the general. This meant that individual precincts could be flipped by disallowing a handful of people within that precinct from participating. Poll workers in multiple states are on record stating that vast numbers of people showed up to a primary that they shouldn’t have, as if 2/3 of people in Phoenix were clueless about what party they registered for.

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