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Election Fraud

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California’s Internet Voting Initiatives

  • no retreat no surrender (1052 posts)
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    California’s Internet Voting Initiatives

    I just ran across this piece from February (if it’s already been posted my apologies). This is NOT good. You think they can steal using the cheating machines they have now wait until they try to go through the internet. Our people in California really need to vote against this initiative.

    California, home of an underabundance of rain and an overabundance of ballot initiatives, may be confronted with one or two initiatives on this November’s ballot that, if passed by the voters, will mandate the establishment of Internet voting in the state. A total of three such initiatives are under consideration so far. The first, poorly written and probably a long shot, represents one of the hazards of the initiative process: anyone can pay the fees and submit any crazy idea for a new law. But the other two are closely related, with the same sponsor and largely identical content. We expect only one of those two will go forward. Since they represent the most significant concern, for the rest of this blog we discuss only them. The two initiatives, numbered 15-0117 and 15-0118, can be found at the CA Attorney General’s site at https://www.oag.ca.gov/initiatives/active-measures. They are carefully drafted to avoid ever using the terms “Internet voting” or “online voting” or “email” or “web,” etc. Instead, they refer throughout to “secure electronic submission of vote by mail ballots.” Presumably, this is in part because the computer and elections security communities have managed to give “Internet voting” a bad name.

    The vast majority of computer and network security experts agree there is currently no way to adequately secure an online public election. Any Internet voting system would leave our elections vulnerable to cyber attacks from foreign intelligence agencies, criminal organizations, our own political partisans, or even lone anonymous hackers. Any such attackers might silently, remotely, and undetectably spy on votes, tamper with them, discard them, and/or buy and sell them. Mandating secure Internet voting makes as much sense as mandating safe fusion power in California–it’s just not possible with any current technology.

    These proposed initiatives would repeal hard-won election security safeguards. No voting system in California is allowed to be connected to the Internet or to transmit votes wirelessly. Yet these initiatives unabashedly repeal those safeguards, not only for the anticipated new Internet voting systems, but for all other California voting systems as well.


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    It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in the minds of men - Samuel Adams
    It's the height of privilege to win a primary rigged by your elite cronies, then act entitled to the votes of people you cheated - Jill Stein

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  • retired liberal (1974 posts)
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    1. Paper and pen voting only.

    Leaving an actual paper trail of the intent of the voters, so there can be audited recounts when and where needed.

    Also if either political party wants it or does it, it is probably not good for us. If they don’t want it or don’t want to do it, it is probably something to ensure fair elections and we should be doing it.

    No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. Lily Tomlin
    • Peace Patriot (3128 posts)
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      3. A great rule of thumb! If the 2-party monster says it's good for us…

      …run the other way!  Add Congress to this monster entity that sneaks shit like this into our political system under the radar of most people.  It was the Anthrax Congress (’02) that gave us the ‘TRADE SECRET’  e-voting systems with no auditing!

      The Democrats, the Republicans and Congress are bent on a system that keeps them in power and keeps the Forever War and the Grand Looting ever expanding.  On-line voting is just one more example of the privatization of the very counting of our votes!

      But the Anthrax Congress made one mistake.  They failed to mandate e-voting; they merely funded it and it was accomplished by corruption.  Ergo, we can toss these machines into ‘Boston Harbor’ (so to speak) without having to commit civil disobedience.  We need a massive but localized movement to do this, with the people in each precinct, county and state demanding vote counting that they can SEE!  Hand-counted paper ballots!

  • cui bono (1667 posts)
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    2. No! Enough with the insecure, untransparent electronic voting!

    Paper and pen. Period.

    The DNC can try to squash us but we'll just come back stronger.   
  • Peace Patriot (3128 posts)
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    4. "and/or buy and sell them"–I suspect they're already doing this.

    Any Internet voting system would leave our elections vulnerable to cyber attacks from foreign intelligence agencies, criminal organizations, our own political partisans, or even lone anonymous hackers. Any such attackers might silently, remotely, and undetectably spy on votes, tamper with them, discard them, and/or buy and sell them.

    It occurred to me, as the Clinton machine moved around the country, stealing primary after primary (exit poll and other evidence), but not all the primaries (Bernie won 22), and unable to easily steal caucuses (no e-voting; only in-person voting–Bernie did very well in caucuses), that they were shelling money out to the private corporations that control the ‘TRADE SECRET’ code in that state or area.  And it occurred to me that there might be a secret exchequer for buying and selling the results that these easily–EASILY!–riggable, privately controlled machines spew out.

    That’s what you do when you privatize anything at all–you make that entity or system far more vulnerable to bribery and other corruption, because public accountability becomes entirely or almost entirely removed.  (The public is forbidden, by law, to review the ‘TRADE SECRET’ code in these systems.)  Look what happened with the de-regulated banksters.  Look what happens with insurance-run health care.   Look what happened with private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan (billions misspent or stolen).  It is not government that is inherently corrupt–as our Corrupt Media propagandizes; it is private enterprise that is inherently corrupt because its sole object is profit for the few, not the common good.  Both must be closely watched, of course, and private enterprise strictly regulated, but when the two converge, and become one entity, look out!

    Privatization of the voting machines and tabulators has also infected our state and local election officials with the corporate culture of secrecy and hostility to the public.  Thus, many kinds of vote suppression and election fraud become possible–for instance, stripping voters from the voting rolls, which we saw time and again in the Democratic Primary this year, or mis-informing poll workers so that Bernie voters were forced to vote on tossable provisional ballots (as happened in California).

    I remember my jaw dropping in shock when my own political party, of which I’ve been a member for over 50 years, not only were completely silent about privatized vote counting, but approved it and pushed it!  At the time, I credited it mostly to fear.  It was the Anthrax Congress, after all–a Democratic Congress amidst all that Bushy terror.  I no longer think this.  My party has, quite simply, become as corrupt as the Bush cartel.  And we have seen the result now with Clinton stealing just enough primary votes from Sanders to make it look like a contest but unable to steal the caucuses which aren’t run on ‘TRADE SECRET’ code.  Also, I think the Clinton cartel was surprised by Sanders’ popularity and ended up having to buy a lot more fiddled votes than they initially thought they would.

    So, with Karl Rove fiddling these machines (in ’04), and Clinton or her operatives fiddling these machines in the primaries this year, there must be a way for them to buy into control of the ‘TRADE SECRET’ code.  They would have to buy that access per state or maybe per smaller entity (precinct, city, county), because that’s how the voting system is set up (no national voting system).  So, how do they do this?  Likely through the corporations themselves that own and control the ‘TRADE SECRET’ code.  And how would that work?  A secret auction or exchequer!

    The more I think about this, the more I think I might be onto something.  It’s a “conspiracy theory,” true.  No hard evidence yet.  But guess what?  We the People are being conspired against! We don’t want this shit–the Forever War and the Grand Looting–but it keeps being shoveled down our throats.  How?  It ain’t just mountains of money and non-stop propaganda.  It has specific mechanisms.  What are they?  ‘TRADE SECRET’ voting counting is one.  That is obvious.  But how is that utilized?  Who has access?  How do they get access?