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Does anyone know what happened to the Arizona

  • Blue Meany (349 posts)
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    Does anyone know what happened to the Arizona

    lawsuit that the DNC, Clinton and Bernie were all party to?  I haven’t been able to find anything, but I’m curious because the FBI alleged that Arizona and Illinois voter registration files were hacked from a server owned by a Russian company.   That doesn’t necessarily mean anything about who is behind it; after all, if you were engaging in election fraud via voter registration hacking, would you leave a trail to a location in the US?   But the owner of the company has offered to cooperate with the FBI to help find the hackers, and they have not contacted him.    As I recall, the FBI also stated that there had been attempts to hack at least 10 other state’s records.  Clearly, in the case of Arizona, the only one who benefited was Hillary Clinton.

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