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Florida court strikes down ‘obscene’ vote-by-mail law after Democrats sue

  • eridani (2963 posts)
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    Florida court strikes down ‘obscene’ vote-by-mail law after Democrats sue

    This is why we need national standards.  In WA State, with all mail-in ballots, signature mismatches require three contacts, at lease one of which mus be by mail.  Any corrections received before final validation of results must be counted.


    A court in Tallahassee struck down Florida’s policy of throwing out absentee ballots when the voter’s signature doesn’t exactly match the one the state has on file. The Sunday night ruling sided with the Florida Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee and declared the policy unconstitutional.

    U.S. District Judge Mark E. Walker explained that the state was using a “crazy quilt of conflicting and diverging procedures” that allowed local officials who “lack formal handwriting-comparison training or education” to decide whose signature was valid and whose ballot should be thrown away.

    “This Court knows disenfranchisement when it sees it and it is obscene,” he wrote.

    The court also blasted the state for failing to offer voters any way to fix their ballot if their signature was in question, even though they offered this safety net to voters who simply forgot to sign their ballot at all.

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  • HassleCat (2042 posts)
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    1. I was an election official in Oregon

    We used vote by mail, and we had very little problem with signature verification.  Sounds to me like Florida is doing it wrong, but that doesn’t surprise me.

  • VoiceOfReason (985 posts)
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    2. Florida?

    I fucking hate florida.

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