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Election Fraud

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Its also election fraud to claim politicians can do things they cant

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    Its also election fraud to claim politicians can do things they cant

    For example, things that are barred by so called “free trade agreements”. Let me give you an example of why and how that might happen.


    This text from the 1997 WTO Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services contains what is called a “standstill clause” . This has the effect of a freeze on further “nonconforming” (to other portions of the WTO GATS) measures.. and those conditions basically are very very broad, and have the effect of barring a great many very greatly needed regulations.   (Something like single payer would also be barred by this agreement)

    Unless the people know about these deals, every election is fraudulent because the “ratchet effect” they create- has the effect that – over time, the constraints the little known or more recently, “secret” deals force become more and more restrictive, just like a noose.. politicians are so hamstrung by them that they cannot fix things, only make them worse.  But they still pretend that they can fix them.  They try to preserve an illusion of not knowing about them, so they cant be caught in lying.  The media does that too.

    This turns every politician into a liar complicit in a fraud.


    At the very least the people could accomplish a lot by exposing these deals and making politicians discuss them – instead of hiding their very existence-


    here is the text from the WTO general Agreement on Trade in Services’  “Understanding on commitments in financial services”

    Participants in the Uruguay Round have been enabled to take on specific commitments with respect to financial services under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) on the basis of an alternative approach to that covered by the provisions of Part III of the Agreement.  It was agreed that this approach could be applied subject to the following understanding:

    (i)         it does not conflict with the provisions of the Agreement;

    (ii)        it does not prejudice the right of any Member to schedule its specific commitments in accordance with the approach under Part III of the Agreement;

    (iii)       resulting specific commitments shall apply on a most-favoured-nation basis;

    (iv)       no presumption has been created as to the degree of liberalization to which a Member is committing itself under the Agreement.

    Interested Members, on the basis of negotiations, and subject to conditions and qualifications where specified, have inscribed in their schedule specific commitments conforming to the approach set out below.

    A.        Standstill

                Any conditions, limitations and qualifications to the commitments noted below shall be limited to existing non-conforming measures. 

    B.       Market Access

    Monopoly Rights

    1.         In addition to Article VIII of the Agreement, the following shall apply:

    Each Member shall list in its schedule pertaining to financial services existing monopoly rights and shall endeavour to eliminate them or reduce their scope Notwithstanding subparagraph 1(b) of the Annex on Financial Services, this paragraph applies to the activities referred to in subparagraph 1(b)(iii) of the Annex.

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