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Nevada Primary Fraud Allegations

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    Nevada Primary Fraud Allegations

    Some you may remember Dan Rolle, if you followed the Nevada primary debacle very closely.  He was a Bernie supporter who was running for Congress.  In any case he’s been gradually releasing information about how the Nevada caucus was stolen.  For details you should see is twitter feed and his periscope videos.  There is a summary of some of his allegations in this article:


    But what I most wanted to draw attention to was his comments the NGP VAN voter data he was using, we alleges was used to purge Bernie voters in the state voter database:

    “You reach a point, statistically, where if you say, ‘Hey, we are running for congress and 20 percent of this voter file is garbage.’ On the voter file, names were incorrect, phone numbers didn’t work.”

    The caught my attention because I remember that in Arizona,  Bernie canvassers were saying that they finally stopped using the NGP VAN database because it was sending them to houses that didn’t exist or where there people were Hillary supporters, or where the wrong people lived.  And this was right around the time there was a report that his Arizona database was hacked.

    By contrast, Hillary canvassers seem to have precise and accurate data, so I wonder if the database might have been messed with as way to sabotage Bernie’s GOTV efforts.

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