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Pathetic WaPo and NYT tattle tales…

  • MrMickeysMom (1898 posts)
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    Pathetic WaPo and NYT tattle tales…

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the latest fiction that keeps hitting my e-mail’s in box with “breaking news” courtesy of our little sister corporate news tattle tails, WaPo and NYTimes…

    So many tattle tails are growing just in yesterday’s in-box on how the Russians were somehow responsible for a corrupt Primary election with their hacking. Simultaneously, a NYT articles made it to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette per usual A section in a tandem fashion to verify that we NOW have war criminals to be dealt with in the international court! Well… Ill be darned!!!! Really, now… ???

    So, it’s a distraction again of Russian/Syrian war crimes… The two little pest-like tattle tail sibling corporate news sisters are here to announce after years of Bush bloated Homeland Security legislative committees with our other  “lawmakers” to bring THIS to light. We can now as a group of somnolent Americans rub our eyes after sleeping too long to see how there are actual war crimes based on the assumptions on how everything in the US seems now tied to fraudulent Primary tampering by the Russians and war crimes to boot in Syria AND Russia (after Iraq and Afghanistan). They probably RIGHTFULLY left out the earlier evidence just weeks ago from Wikileaks with documentation of the DNC’s role in pooping on the Democratic Primary election process. Gee, I seem to have left out the AP’s role helping call the Primary DNC winner before California had a chance to finish voting. I’ll correct myself here.. there are at least three little corporate news tattle tails working in smooth tandem operation to re-work history, calling it “breaking news” for the most enduring sleepwalkers of an American news “consumer”.

    I agree that if recent breaking news about hurricane Matthew wasn’t enough to obscure the attention of the American dunderheaded public on where the war criminals and election frauds are based, then WaPo’s gossip yesterday about the Donald’s locker room talk further distracted ANY revelation.  Meanwhile, Wikileaks documentation (See the excellent internet site, The Intercept) on what the DNC conspired to do to suppress Clinton’s love affair with Wall Street eludes them. After all the election fraud to stop Bernie Sanders, they couldn’t chance to raise any doubts on Clinton’s PUBLIC versus PRIVATE views of Wall Street. Now, the tattle tails additionally apply a distraction based on the war criminal Russians who must take the blame of  election fraud as well as insert a term that has TOTALLY been overlooked in the recent past through the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years – actual War Crimes.

    It is clear that the tattle tails in our beloved corporate MSM dovetails very nicely in ruining our elections now. It’s evident every single day through these corporately displayed pieces how WaPo and NYT are SO ready to play interference in the biggest fraudulent election cover up… And, it appears to be WORKING!!!  The stupefied public who watch/read this display have somehow been side-tracked from documented evidence of DNC fraud, which with the steady stream of tattle tales will wipe any form of reality from our collective distracted brains.

    And the subject of war crimes, now? No kidding! Do we wish to now be concerned in the international court over an American run arms race as a supplier of weaponry since the cold war to recent years in the middle East … all along the time each new corporate president renig NATO borders crept up to the Russian territories? Kissinger (HER friend), PNAC signatories, and now John Kerry stating the need to look into Russia and Syrian war crimes? Are you somehow kidding us?  The insanity abides, dudes.

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  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    1. Like you say, the insanity does indeed abide.

    As many dudes and dudettes would agree.

    "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!