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San Diego Ballot Monitors Tell Us the Ugly Truths

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    San Diego Ballot Monitors Tell Us the Ugly Truths

    Posted at the request of The Crone, who is experiencing some technical difficulties today.  Please watch this video.






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    1. Ballots With Sanders Votes Covered with White-Out Filmed–

    –by Election Monitors in San Diego


    Citizen election monitors in San Diego have captured film of ballots which have been tampered with, with white-out erasing only Sanders votes, sometimes with part of Bernie Sanders’ first name obscured as well. In the video, a monitor reports that almost half the ballots in the box of ballots she witnessed had been so altered, always against Sanders. She says the box she witnessed contained about 300 ballots, and that it was only one of many counting stations she could not witness.

    San Diego is the second largest county in California, a state crucial to Sanders in narrowing the pledged delegate gap with Hillary Clinton.

    The mainstream media has yet to report on the startling discovery.

    After the Illinois Democratic primary in March, a citizens’ watchdog group monitoring an audit of the votes says they witnessed vote totals being tampered with to benefit Hillary Clinton.

    In other video captured by citizen reporters and election monitors in San Diego, an election official attempts to keep monitors away from the windows of a room where “provisional” ballots are being counted by officials, which are ballots which were cast mostly by independent voters in the primary. At one point an election monitor, a woman, is told by an official who identifies herself as “Karen Mayer,” to keep her voice down, as she questions what officials through the glass in an off-limits room are doing in the back. The woman tells the official that “you guys are violating the election code, and I’m not going to shut up about it.”

    In a follow up interview of another official, “Charlie Loomis,” who identifies himself as an IT manager, confirms that it is indeed white-out that can be seen on the ballots, and that the ballots are being “manipulated.” The IT manager goes on to say that, as a San Diego official, he has no control over this, as the white-outs are a result of Democratic party rules on how the ballots, which are provisional ballots, must be processed. Mr. Loomis say he has “nothing to do with” those rules. Mr. Loomis did indicate, however, that after the white-out process, the ballots are “run through the scanner again.”

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