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Election Fraud

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Study shows voting irregularities linked to companies that donated to the Clinto

  • Rosa Luxemburg (1166 posts)
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    Study shows voting irregularities linked to companies that donated to the Clinto

    When we looked at the results of the Republican primaries, we did not observe that any candidate kept gaining a larger and larger share of the vote at larger precincts (meaning the lines were relatively stable as precinct size increased). However, when we looked at the Democratic primaries, we observed severe abnormalities. Namely, the share of votes that Hillary Clinton received kept increasing (leading to a whopping 25%). This type of statistical abnormality is seen in almost every parish (county). It does not appear in any parish for the Republican primary:

    We found that while the polls were quite successful at predicting Clinton’s numbers in states with paper trails (just a statistically inconsequential 1% difference), Clinton over-performed by an average of 9% in the states that use electronic voting machines but fail to provide paper evidence of this vote:



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  • daleanime (2633 posts)
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    1. The best qualified candidate…..

    if you want to buy the election.

    When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    2. Oh I'm surprised!!

    President Trump. Thanks DNC, HRC, DWS. #StillSanders. #NoDAPL  #NoKXL Giant Meteor 2020
  • retired liberal (1974 posts)
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    3. Apparently they want to keep it all in the family.

    The more you look, the the more corrupt Hillary becomes.
    What will it take for Hillary to live the rest of her life in a 8X10 cage, in a federal lock-up, where she belongs?

    No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. Lily Tomlin