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Election Fraud

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The "Shocking" Truth About Election Rigging in the United States

  • Melissa G (840 posts)
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    The "Shocking" Truth About Election Rigging in the United States


    If there is anything positive to say about the 2016 elections, it’s that they have finally forced an end to the official denial of computerized election rigging. In the past month, the fact that our voting technology is a hacker’s paradise has been validated by no less than all the major TV news networks: NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, USA Today, The Hill, The Guardian, Mother Jones, Politico, and a dozen other outlets.

    Of course, the corporate media and political parties are now professing “shock” at the very prospect that US elections can be manipulated, and yes, even stolen.

    Yet it has long been an open secret that game-changing races have been decided not by voters, but by insiders; from the presidential race of 1960, appropriated for John Kennedy by Democratic muscle in Chicago, to the two victories secured for George W. Bush by GOP fixers in Florida and hackers in Ohio. Among other suspect elections in recent years are key Congressional races hijacked by combinations of voter suppression, gerrymandering, dark money and the ugly little secret of American elections: rigged voting machines.


    As the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton camp reel from repeated computer hacks, the Obama administration has pointed the finger at Russia, giving rise to a wave of 11th hour fears that foreign agents could hack our voting systems. Yet, Julian Assange came a wink and nod away from outing DNC staffer Seth Rich as his insider source for the email leak, stoking paranoia by heavily suggesting whistleblowing was the cause of his recent murder.


    Edit to say: Election Rigging can be a somewhat wonky topic, but this is a good read that can quickly get one up to speed.  I highly recommend it.


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6 replies
  • grouchomarxist (240 posts)
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    1. excuse me

    i have been personally informed by an aide to the clinton campaign, with a COLLEGE DEGREE no less, that election fraud was a lie and furthermore that my concerns were entirely risible.  laughed in my face even!  gosh i learned a lot that day.

    • Peace Patriot (3111 posts)
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      2. There is a word for people who 'win' by means of election fraud, then…

      …cry “election fraud!” when they get outmaneuvered, out-voted or out-rigged.

      Karma.  The Karmacrats.  It’s the “New Democrats'” party.

    • VoiceOfReason (985 posts)
      Profile photo of VoiceOfReason Banned

      4. Whoa!

      trump and clinton were both committing fraud.

      Bernie was the only honest person in the election process.

      Don’t play pin the tail on the donkey or the flea screwing the elephant.

      "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
      • grouchomarxist (240 posts)
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        6. sounds like you have the makings of a original political porno my friend