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    Echospace is in the genre of electronic that seems to be “dub/ambient techno.” It is ambient, with a stronger beat, and is quite relaxing at times. I discovered them on Bandcamp last year and have only recently upgraded my speakers enough to get the most out of these recordings.

    The music creates an audio space that is echoing in a way, giving it a rich sense of depth that you don’t find in other genres (except maybe overtone / Tuvan throat singing.)

    It does require that your speakers be able to handle bass well. I still don’t have anything but a speaker bar from my computer, but recently bought a mini sub-woofer from SoundMatters (it was on sale.) It has made a huge difference because the sound-bar doesn’t buzz anymore, with stronger bass staying in the sub-woofer.

    Here’s a video from one of the artists in this genre:


    "Cake or death?"

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