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Please welcome Eggar as the new group admin

  • Deadpool (8729 posts)
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    Please welcome Eggar as the new group admin

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  • Pacco Fransisco (3648 posts)
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    1. Igor will be pissed!

    I am L0oniX  Fuck David and his pin head DLC 3rd way herd of goats
  • Eggar (1992 posts)
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    2. That is such a cool siglin Deadpool!

    This bunch can be a raucous bunch, but we always carry duct tape & gauze under the mixing board.


    I’ll check in on the mess of ya when I can – Behave


    And remember everyone, take the eye exam before entering this forum.



    • Gryneos (1437 posts)
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      4. Here's the physical exam:

      "You! Cake or death?" "Uh, cake for me, too, please." "Very well! Give him cake, too! We're gonna run out of cake at this rate. You! Cake or death?" "Uh, death, please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, sorry. Sorry..." "You said death first, uh-uh, death first!" "Well, I meant cake!" "Oh, all right. You're lucky I'm Church of England!" Eddie Izzard, Dress To Kill