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Remembrance In Waves by Steve Roach / Serena Gabriel

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      1. Remembrance In Waves 14:58

      Greetings Bandcamp friends,

      In honor of Solstice 2020, a time of reflection and renewal, I am releasing Remembrance in Waves, a moving piece that I recently created with collaborator Serena Gabriel.
      It was recorded and filmed live in the studio on October 31st for the Tucson Arizona All Soul’s Ceremony which was streamed for the event on November 8th, 2020. This piece was created in memory of all those who have graced our lives, have moved on to the other side and whose presence remains so deeply with us.

      ****Video of this performance can be seen at Steve Roach Official – YouTube

      released December 21, 2020
      Created live at Ancient Waves Studio in Tucson Arizona on Oct 31, 2020
      Mastered by Howard Givens
      Cover photography Kati Astraeir
      Cover design Nathan Youngblood
      2020 Soundquest Music BMI, Ancient Waves Music BMI


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