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Deep State Chaos Update Video

  • Lynetta (679 posts)
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    Deep State Chaos Update Video

    I cannot possibly defend all that is being said here but this fellow, Dave,  has been offering proofs and he isn’t selling anything. Do not agree with everything he says on every subject.  Includes the war on Sessions, the war threats around the world and more.

    “The Deep State Is Positioning Itself, Something Big Is About To Unfold” – Episode 1218b
    X22Report Published on Mar 2, 2017

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  • Two way street (2569 posts)
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    1. Seems that current events are being truth mixed with opinion in this video.

    Does a 100 year supper cycle of debt really exist?

    Americans are in debt.

    The petrol dollar may be linked to the new oil pipeline that is planned by several governments, to run under Syria.  Banker Deep State would want to control the flow of oil.

    Obama promised a renewable energy source would begin to partially replace oil and gas energy in his 2007-08 campaign.  About 2009-10 , Iraq said no to foreign oil and gas contractors but had to relent to Deep State.   Europe has moved on to solar energy.  We have oil here; plenty of sunshine and wind.  Putin did not shut down the natural gas pipeline into western Europe going through Ukraine.

    Americans are paying attention.  They are listening to Bernie Sanders.  Americans are paying attention to the repayment of We the People.  Deep State should listen to Bernie Sander and read up on FDR as We the People will not relent to more and more corruption.  Debt and winds of the loss of Social Security is effecting the Conservative base now.  That base knows that the Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are Oligarch Agents of the Deep State and plan to destroy the middle class and the poor.  In other words, the Republican base will not vote for Corporate Democrats in any coming elections.  Trump chose a cabinet and advisory panels from the other side of the Deep State.  As both sides of Deep State fight it out, We the People will seat a Progressive Congress that will reverse Citizens Untied, Gerrymandering and cheating voting machines/software.  Both Parties are going down.

    If Deep State starts another 9/11, up to 33 % of the House could be replaced in 2018.  The House controls War Monies.  We the Voters have already warned Agent of Deep State-Hillary Clinton.

    Draft Bernie for a people's party becomes Draft Bernie for a people's single-payer party-Medicare for All.