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Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

  • CNW (2492 posts)
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    Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

    BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!
    Today on the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Wayne Madsen about the Hastert scandal and cover up, the history and context of this story, and the remarkable lack of public interest in the case

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  • roguevalley (2127 posts)
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    1. I care. Things are unraveling. The truth will come out one way or the

    other. Have courage.

    Be love. Be light. Fear is the only darkness. Love is the only light.
  • bbgrunt (276 posts)
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    2. Sibel makes an interesting point–

    why doesn’t the advent of social media help bypass the control of the corporate media with respect to these issues?  Self-censorship?  Why is this topic considered extremely controversial?

    • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
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      3. fascinating

      very believable and shocking. lock them up.

      "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
    • gardengoddess (455 posts)
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      4. Why is this topic considered extremely controversial? Good Question….

      “The way they are successful is through our ignorance,” Kurt says. “The way they are able to get away with the things they are able to get away with is because what they are talking about is so disturbing to so many people that they don’t want to face it. But when we don’t face it, we are actually putting our kids at risk.” Kurt Eichenwald

      Read more:

      When we self censor this topic we enable them to get by with it. Thank you for asking some very important questions. Cheers…

    • 99thMonkey (3768 posts)
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      7. Why this is considered so "highly controversial"

      Mainly because many people who get anywhere too close to exposing the “higher-ups” involved in this shit, i.e. the “consumers” have a tendency to conveniently turn-up dead.  And there are apparently SO many “in high places” who are involved that it remains a highly-charged “conspiracy theory”, and written-off as such.

  • Two way street (2576 posts)
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    5. The Democratic Party set up election fraud and did nothing about Crosscheck.

    We do not even know how many people really went out to vote in 2016 or in previous elections since cheating electronic voting machines are allowed to operate and now proprietary cheating software is knowingly being allowed to be used.  Some votes in some states were not even counted.

    Bernie Sanders has yet to tell us why he seems to accept the cheating results of his 2016 Primary run after accepting millions of our dollars for his campaign.  What is he waiting for.  We have ask him.  Bernie seems to be supporting the very people that cheated him and us.

    Draft Bernie for a people's party becomes Draft Bernie for a people's single-payer party-Medicare for All.
  • Mac1949 (6 posts)
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    6. This type of thing has been going on for a long time.

    I don’t if anybody knows how long, but it has to be stopped. Somehow.

    A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyrannyAleksandr Solzhenitsyn