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So Why Are Blonde Jokes So Dumb?

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      They had to be dumb in order for Deadpool to get the punchline!

      (Sorry DP, saw your Blonde Joke earlier and I prefer the kind of Blonde Jokes where the Blondes get even so I modified one of my favorite Blonde Jokes just for you!)

      Good on you guys getting the new digs up n running.  For my first post in the General Humor Forum, (my first post in the new JPR 3),  I’d like to offer up a better Blonde Joke:

      So a pretty blonde, dressed in cheap but revealing attire, walks into a bank near SeaTac airport. She goes up to the teller and requests a loan. The teller asks her if she has an account with the bank. The blonde responds with, “Account?” The teller, amused, explains to her what an account is and why she would need one before getting a loan.

      “But I really need that loan”, implores the blonde, “Could I maybe let your bank hold onto my car until I get back and sign something where you get to keep my car if I don’t pay back the loan?”

      “That is highly unlikely”, said the teller, “But I suppose we could take a look at a collateral option depending on the value of your car and how much your loan request is and how long you plan on holding onto the loan…. well it is all very complicated, far too complex for your purposes I’m sure!”

      “I only need a hundred dollars and it’s just for a week and my car is worth bunches more than a hundred dollars….” cried the blonde.

      “Oh calm down now, you’re disturbing the customers”, said the teller, “Tell you what, I’m about to go on lunch break…let’s go have a look at this car.”

      Outside the blonde introduced her car to the teller.  It was a 2018 Rolls Royce, easily worth way more than what the bank teller could make in a year. “I call her Sally, my daddy gave her to me,” said the blonde, “do you think she might be worth that collateral stuff you were talking about?” she asked.

      The teller, not wanting to look a gift-horse in the mouth asked, “Well I might be able toooo…and what did you say you needed that hundred dollars for?”

      The blonde produced a fistful of crumpled bills and told the teller, “I’m a little short of cash and I need another hundred dollars for a flight down to Las Vegas, me and my friends want to, well you know, see the sights, do a little partying, maybe win some money…do you see my predicament-can you help me out?”

      “Well I suppose…” said the now all but drooling bank teller, “We will need to fill out some forms in order to accept this ‘collateral option’, you will required to leave us with the keys and you will have to be back in EXACTLY one week with that hundred dollars plus an additional dollar fifty as interest for the week’s loan but if these terms work for you….” “YES!” squealed the blonde in excitement, “You’ll take real good care of my Sally while I’m gone won’t you mister bank teller sir?” “We most surely will take care of your Sally” said the teller, “…tell you what, we will park her in the bank president’s personal parking space in a parking lot which has a gate and has 24-7 monitored security cameras.”

      “Oh thank you sir”, said the blond. She filled out the paperwork, collected her hundred dollars and away she went.

      Exactly one week to the minute the blonde, now dressed in a dapper business suit walks back into the bank. The bank teller drops what he was doing and meets her as she enters, with a great deal of respect in his voice he says, “Ma’am, we did a little researching while you were gone, we know who you are now and we…well, let’s say that we would be quite pleased to continue doing service with you or your corporations.”

      “I’ll let my people take that under consideration,” said the blonde, “did you take good care of my Sally?”

      “Yes ma’am, your Rolls Royce is exactly as you left her in the bank president’s personal parking space but if I may, we at the bank would like to know, why a lady of your wealthy status needed that paltry loan.” The blonde counted out the hundred dollars, then added an additional dollar and fifty cents for interest, smiled at the bank teller, and then responded:

      “Do you have any idea how much those highway robbers at SeaTac airport charge for a weeks worth of parking?”




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