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Scientists Say Rosemary Improves Memory 15%

  • NJCher (1871 posts)
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    Scientists Say Rosemary Improves Memory 15%

    I was listening to “The Splendid Table” this morning when I heard a guest (British) discussing herbs, and in particular rosemary. She cited an article in The Telegraph, so I looked it up. Fifteen per cent, says the article, may not sound like much (sounds like a lot to me, however), and all you have to do to get that benefit is be in a room infused with the scent. That might mean boiling some water with rosemary in it, spraying a rosemary spray around, or if it’s just you, having a sprig of rosemary and rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger:


    Those in the rosemary room were found to perform far better on the memory tests than the other two.

    Post-graduate student Lauren Bussey said: “This is the first time that similar effects have been demonstrated in the healthy over 65’s. Further investigation is required to understand the potential benefits of these aromas throughout the life span.”

    A separate experiment by the same team, also found the peppermint tea could boost memory.


    Very interesting article with other ways to improve memory, too:



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  • PADemD (976 posts)
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    1. Not just memory.

    11 Impressive Benefits of Rosemary

    11 Impressive Benefits of Rosemary

    Thank you for posting.  Rosemary is going on my shopping list.

  • Rocky (655 posts)
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    2. Thanks for posting….

    Now that I’m in my late 60s, my memory is deteriorating and I’ll take all the help I can get. Besides, I love Rosemary.

  • Babel 17 (2607 posts)
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    3. Would those Rosemary scented products from Mrs. Meyer's work?

    They’re often on sale at one place or another so it pays to shop around. The best bang for the buck might come from the fabric softener, or counter top cleaner, as you’re not just rinsing it down the sink like with the hand soap.


    Though if you use the soap to wash your face …

  • Enthusiast (8387 posts)
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    4. And best of all, it tastes wonderful!

    I could do with a bit of memory boost.

    I have had family members with Alzheimer Disease. Having seen it up close I can verify it can be a nightmarish existence.

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