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Alzheimer's: Head device reduces memory loss in 7 out of 8 people

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    Who would ever think a device would be a solution for Alzheimer’s?


    Alzheimer’s: Head device reduces memory loss in 7 out of 8 people

    Published Friday 20 September 2019 By Maria Cohut, Ph.D. Fact checked by Paula Field


    An open-label clinical trial working with eight people with Alzheimer’s disease concluded that a new wearable device that emits electromagnetic impulses was able to significantly improve memory loss in seven of these participants within 2 months.



    Scientists have been aware of this aspect of Alzheimer’s for years but have so far been unable to prevent the aggregates from forming, or to dissolve them once formed — not in humans, at least.

    But now, researchers affiliated with NeuroEM Therapeutics — a medical device company based in Phoenix, AZ — have developed a wearable device that, according to their recent open-label clinical trial, can significantly reduce memory loss in Alzheimer’s by disaggregating toxic protein formed in the brain.

    The device has the shape of a cap, and it emits electromagnetic waves in a frequency that, as preclinical studies in mice have shown, can help reverse memory loss. The research team that conducted the clinical trial reports the groundbreaking results in a study paper that appears in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.


    The original article where I found this news did not have an illustration, so I did a search.

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