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Has Anyone Tried CBD for Arthritis?

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      I just watched a report on CBS Sunday Morning about CBD oil, which is made from hemp and has no THC in it.

      I have already had one doctor suggest I try it and she gave me a potential source.

      The report this morning, bolstered by my own research, says that it’s as yet untested. Some people resort relief, others say it was of no help.

      I was wondering if anyone here has tried it for arthritis (osteoarthritis) and if it helped.

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      I would like to know, too.  My doctor seems to only care if I get a mammogram and a flu shot.  I think the insurance company wants her to check off those boxes.  But arthritis in my hip?  “Maybe try Advil”  “Maybe get a cane”.

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      Yes. My mother takes a full spectrum cannabis extract oil(feco) which contains mostly CBD with a small amount of THC(10 to 1 ratio).  Not sure about the effects of pure CBD oil, and some argue that a little THC in entourage with CBD makes for better medicine. Arthritis and sleep are the two things it helps most for her.   Good luck.

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      Yes. I have mild osetoarthritis, migraines, and a few other inflammatory conditions. I started using a pure CBD oil called Avidekel a few years ago, and it was good but not great. So the nurse-advisor at my dispensary suggested a  CBD/THC strain called Midnight. That’s worked a lot better. I can only take it at night, because it makes me pretty drowsy; but since insomnia is also a frequent problem, this has been an excellent strain. During the day, I use a strain called Trutiva, which is 14-17% CBD and <1% THC. It works great for the migraines and generalized pain without the drowsiness. is a good source for info about various strains. As well, if you haven’t already, you might want to post this question in the Cannabis group.

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      NV Wino
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      I use it for arthritic neck and knee pain. I can’t state definitively that it alone has helped, but both areas are significantly improved. There are other factors involved: monthly chiropractic care and finding the right pillow combination for my neck, but I believe it has helped.

      I get mine from Wellspring. The brand I get is Dixie Dew Drops. It’s imported and considerably cheaper than domestic. It has a cloudy appearance, which I suspect means it has not been “purified” as much as some of the other brands. Taste is peppermint—very pleasant. It seems to have a cumulative effect, so don’t expect instant results. Give it at least three months to kick in—whatever brand you use.

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      Lord Thomas
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      My Ma in Law 78 years young, has severe arthritis in her fingers, they look like they were once broken and never reset. Her Knuckles look gnarly. She constantly knits, where she can move them and they don’t stiffen up.

      I got her some CBD cream a while back, didn’t tell her what it was. She tried it and loves it. After @ 3 weeks, she was bragging about how this one finger she could almost straighten out, which she had not been able to for 20 years. She likes it so much, she asked for some more for her birthday.

      Costs around $60 a jar and lasts her about a month and a half. I won’t say it cured anything, but it has brought her some major relief.


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      I’m not sure if I have arthritis but I have other issues that involve pain and inflammation. I use the highest mg CBD oil and I’ve tried going without (because it’s pricey) and I found out many of the aches and pains I’d grown accustom to live without came back after a couple of weeks. Yes, it helps and I wish the insurance would help with the cost.

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        Mr. Mickeys Mom
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        Keep lobbying your insurance company and give your doctor some research. CBD has two factors (CBD-1, which affects more central nervous system, and DBD-2, which is shown to affect peripherally related inflammatory diseases, such as breathing, and I’m guessing the tissue around the joints). I have spoken with some doctors in PA who are working on behalf of educating physicians).

        Good luck!

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      Thanks for all the answers. Looks like I have a number of possibilities; I’ll keep trying until I’m successful with one.

      Really appreciate the input, everyone!


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