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Slow walking at 45 "a sign of faster aging"

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      I’ve been a fast walker, even before I retired at 65, so I figured, as I age, there’s a glimmer of hope… OTOH, if you walk slower, it generally related to that thing that is bound to happen to your joints and spine, right? Some people with orthopedic issues still get around it, even though their fast walk days are over… What do YOU think???

      How fast people walk in their 40’s is a sign of how much their brains, as well as their body, are aging
      Commuters walking quickly

      Doctors often measure gait speed to gauge overall health, particularly in the over-65s, because it is a good indicator of muscle strength, lung function, balance, spine strength and eyesight.

      Slower walking speeds in old age have also been linked to a higher risk of dementia and decline.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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