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The other danger from Covid-19

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      Dr. Campbell gives and excellent discussion of the pathophysiology of Covid-19 here:

      As more becomes known about the disease, the more you can do to protect yourself, should you come in contact with it.  In addition to getting your vitamin D, you can take care of the coagulopathy part of the disease — eat your natto!  Back in the late winter, when the pandemic was finding its way out of China, the Japanese had a run on their favorite health food, natto.  The Western press quickly labeled this a “quack cure”, but now that the autopsies are in, and blood clotting is a factor in the disease progression, it would seem to be a wise thing to do — clean up your arteries.

      If you’ve never had it, it is an acquired taste.  But it is available in most Asian grocery stores in America, in the freezer section.  After the first couple dozen times you have it, you get used to the taste.  One thing you can do is mask the taste with some other spicy food (chili or Kung Pao beef or one of those foil packets of Indian food).

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      @gzeush Greetings!

      Natto, never had it…is one brand better than another? I take heavy vit D because my system just doesn’t work properly so I supplement. I take (on advice from a fellow JPR denizen) vit A6 as well which helps clotting and vascular issues, which I have in abundance.

      I watch Dr Campbell every day and missed this one somehow so I thank you!

      on edit: I found this with a search…I need this stuff it seems.


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      Since I don’t read Japanese, as long as it has the big red letters NATTO on the package, I figure it’s the genuine article.  I’ve been eating it once a month since I turned into an old geezer; I figure that with Covid, maybe I should up it to once a week.

      I also read a Japanese patent (that they translated into passable English for the U.S. Patent Office), where they say that if you add barley and yam to the natto as it is fermenting, then the horrible ammonia stink goes away.   Which makes me think I should try fermenting my own.  Here’s a recipe on how to do that:

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