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Ali – Morning Dew | 알리 – 아침이슬

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      Ali – Morning Dew | 알리 – 아침이슬 [Immortal Songs 2/2016.07.09]

      Some of the English subs are out of sync in the middle. Below is from an article about the historic significance of the song. (Tim Shorrock provided the link on his twitter page.)

      50 years on, Korea’s most iconic protest song gets a modern makeover
      JoongAngDaily June 10 BY LEE JI-YOUNG, HALEY YANG

      “Morning Dew,” the most well-known and iconic protest song in Korea, turns 50 years old this year. Singer and composer Kim Min-gi wrote the song in 1971 when he was only 20 years old as a track on his debut album.

      To most Koreans, especially those who have lived through the military dictatorship of the 1960 to 80s, “Morning Dew” is more than just a song. While it did not see much success at first, a remake in the same year by singer Yang Hee-eun earned the song popularity thanks to her more assertive vocals.

      The song ironically became a hit in 1975 when Korea’s military regime led by former President Park Chung Hee banned it. “Morning Dew” was one of the approximately 2,000 songs that were banned under various pretexts, such as “negatively influencing societal values.”

      JoongAngDaily gets to pretend it supports the democracy movement on the culture pages.

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        @nv wino

        when i was driving OTR.  It was on one of her old CDs.  But does anyone sing it better than Ali?

        I never knew its protest significance although I perceived it was related to similar folk music in the US during the same period.   The song is very uplifting.    I should have understood the symbolism.   Glad Tim Shorrock picked up on this anniversary of the song.  I almost never read the conservative MSM in South Korea.  I see Joongang is linked somehow to the NY Times.   The beauty of the morning dew is hopeful and encouraging, similar to the beauty of spring referred to in the Korean reunification song Spring is Coming.

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