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25 Investments That Make You Feel Good While You Make Money

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      Publicly traded companies have an obligation to do whatever they can to generate profits for investors, but that doesn’t mean they are all solely focused on money. Some companies also make it a priority to operate both ethically and humanely. To help identify these socially responsible companies, Ethisphere International publishes an annual list of the world’s most ethical companies. What might be most surprising about the list is the performance of its member stocks.

      According to Ethisphere, the companies on the 2019 world’s most ethical companies list outperformed the large-cap sector by 14.4% over a five-year period on Wall Street and by 10.5% over a three-year period, proving that sustainable investing can be profitable. While not all of the companies are always the best companies to invest in, when it comes to socially responsible investing, these are some of the companies you might want to consider.

      I would not agree with some of these, but it’s an interesting article. (Click on “View All” at the link if you don’t want the slideshow)


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      Hi fs,

      All well and good.  Does not help those with no money to invest.  Unemployed now 38 months and living on a shoestring.  Homelessness, next stop.


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      Ummmmm….I do not like most of these Companies due to the exploitation and pollution of the environment.

      Animals know more than we do.

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        @glinda Understood.  It’s just a starting point for discussion on the broader issue: How do we, who mostly dislike capitalism and corporations, nevertheless avoid being completely left out of the opportunity to keep what little money we can manage to save from being eroded by inflation, and share in some of the benefits of a system we are currently trapped in while still maintaining our personal integrity.

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