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Feds say they've busted a $1.2-billion Medicare scam that targeted seniors

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      Federal authorities said Tuesday that they’ve broken up a $1.2-billion Medicare scam that peddled unneeded orthopedic braces to hundreds of thousands of seniors via foreign call centers.

      The Justice Department announced charges against 24 people across the United States, including doctors accused of writing bogus prescriptions for unneeded back, shoulder, wrist and knee braces. Others charged include owners of call centers, telemedicine firms and medical equipment companies, including two people from Glendora in the San Gabriel Valley.

      The Health and Human Services inspector general’s office said the fast-moving scam morphed into multiple related schemes, fueled by kickbacks among the parties involved. The FBI and 17 U.S. attorney’s offices took part in the crackdown. Arrests were made Tuesday morning.

      Medicare said it’s taking action against 130 medical equipment companies implicated. They billed the program a total of $1.7 billion, of which more than $900 million was paid out.

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