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Medicare Beneficiary Care Management- Does anyone know what this is?

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      Someone from this entity called today. I blew them off. Do any of you know what they do? I tried looking at the site but it sounds like a bunch of gibberish. I am a caregiver for my elderly Mom, so it was in reference to her, but I’m not sure what these people would do that I’m not doing already.



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      BCMP is a new program that is for what they call “traditional fee for service Medicare” and not the Medicare type programs that are HMO based, or what they call Medicare Advantage programs.

      So, if your mom was getting rehabilitative services, which generally come from being admitted in a hospital (acute care setting), or if your mom was indeed admitted into the hospital, and they wanted to discharge her early, but she didn’t want to be discharged soon, due to whatever services she needed extended to the home care setting, then someone (generally the patient or their caregiver) would have filed an appeal not to be discharged… and THIS is where Beneficiary Care Management Program (BCMP) would have come in. They would have reached out to see how they could assist either with the discharge plan while still in the hospital, or when the patient’s home.

      The whole idea of Medicare starting up this BCMP is because too many patients get discharged, only to get worse or exacerbate some other illness, and this revolving door of having to be re-admitted costs Medicare. As a respiratory therapist, I can tell you that this happens with patients who have a history of being re-admitted for exacerbations of COPD or other lung issue.

      Not sure how this dovetails with your mother’s care, but it sounds like someone filed an appeal for her at some point. PM me if you need to, okay?

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      The system we have is only good for the private insurance parasites, big pharma, the lobbyists and the corrupt politicians

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