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a Possum Christmas

  • Calico (460 posts)
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    a Possum Christmas

    Every year I stack up this wood, and every year some critter(s) rearranges it into a ground-level mound. At first I thought it was done accidentally by squirrels, raccoons and/or possums crawling around on the woodpile. But this year I took a closer look. On one side, between the woodpile and the fence, logs were arranged vertically, blocking off that route to behind the woodpile. On the other side, logs were toppled to form a little tunnel, and I could see the entrance to a burrow… right behind the mound. Someone is staying warm, safe and cozy!

    Months ago, when I started putting out treats, the possums would stay clear of one another… one running away when another approached. But they’ve become friends now… I caught Blossom and Poppy actually touching noses and sharing the same bowl. That is Poppy on the right in the photo. I think of him as male because he has a huge head compared to the others, and is larger. But maybe he/she is just older?

    The mound

    The burrow entrance

    Christmas dinner


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  • oldandhappy (3790 posts)
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    1. Awwww nice

    Thank you for the story and the pictures.  Blossom and Poppy, cute.

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  • em77 (2507 posts)
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    2. I have a very old possum

    that comes on my patio.  Blind in one eye.  I give him dry cat food and he loves hot dog rolls.

  • Haikugal (6084 posts)
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    3. This is wonderful. I wonder if possums use ground hog burrows. I have a woodpile

    by the barn that possums live in. We don’t burn anymore and they’ve been living in that pile for several years that I know of.

    Thanks for the pictures and story. I think it’s sweet that you feed them and care about them. :hug:

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