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a rude awakening

  • Magical Thyme (2847 posts)
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    a rude awakening

    Since he was a puppy, Jake has always slept by my side in bed. In winter, he would push his way under the blankets, with me holding them up for him, and plunk down back to back. Better than a heating pad for my aching back.

    When Luna joined us, he started grabbing the spot up by my shoulder. For years now, most every morning at 3 am, Jake would stand up and stare at Luna until he woke up, growling, and relinquished that spot to Jake. Who would again slide under the blankies with me. Then this past year, Jake started sleeping so soundly he would just sleep right through the night, and not move to under the blankets until dawn or later.

    Then last night, right around 3 am, Jake was on his feet, staring at Luna until he woke up. Luna grumbled, but got up and moved to the foot of the bed. I held the blankets up for Jake to push under. He positioned himself and plunked down in place.

    I started to wrap my arm around him and…WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?!

    And I do mean CRAP. When he let go to plunk down he really let go and suddenly I was face to face with 4 big poops! :puke:

    Poor boy was mortified. I was horrified. Luckily, I had a fresh set of sheets waiting to be re-made. Luckily, the poops were nice and firm, so didn’t make too big a mess.

    This morning I’m just a little saddened. I reviewed yesterday’s activities: we were outside 4 times for 20-40 minutes/each. First thing, noontime, 4ish and then last thing.  I’ve been watching his muscle tone decline fast and I’ve noticed in recent weeks he sometimes starts dropping poops while walking outside; I guess this is just another sign of him aging. I may have to find some indoor diapers or something for him though.

    Open to suggestions!

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  • Cleita (2810 posts)
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    1. None except to pick up the poops.

    We have an eighteen year old dog who does the same. They can’t help it. The family tried diapers but it was a bigger mess than picking up the poops. She tries to go outside but often can’t make it. Yesterday I heard her whimpering (I live separately in a different house). I found her tangled in a hose. When I got her out, she couldn’t stand up, the doggy version of I’ve fallen and can’t get up. I carried her into the house because I don’t know how long she had been in the sun.

    You may have to make different places for him to sleep from what you do now. Our dog Molly has a nice big comfortable bed and blankets in the kitchen where it’s warm. The puddles and poops are easier to clean there. It’s about all they can do until she’s ready to cross over. Sorry I’m not more help than this.

    • Magical Thyme (2847 posts)
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      2. yeah, I figured the diaper thing would probably make things worse

      but hoped maybe something would work.

      I’m also hoping it was just a one-time accident. He’s just been a little off his normal routine in the last couple weeks. He squats, strains a bit, drops a couple poops but then suddenly walks off before he’s finished. I still can’t believe he had that big pile inside him after all the chances he had to go. I haven’t been able to walk them for a few weeks now, due to the cold and now ice.

      He has other places to sleep, but I hate, hate, hate the idea of throwing him out of bed after 12 years.

      He’s very smart, and he was very mortified. Hopefully he’ll start letting me know in advance that he has to go. Luna has no problem dancing around if he needs to go. Jakey has just always refused to get me up during the night to go out…

      And I need to push myself to get him to play a little indoor soccer, too, to try to keep the muscle tone better.

  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    3. I'm sorry to hear this. It is usually aging. I had to put my 15 year old yellow

    lab, Sage, down last January. The last two years were pretty horrific. He completely lost control of his bowels. The messes we would come home to on the kitchen floor were so bad. I purchased some heavy duty fabric diapers via the internet. I bought 3-4 and washed them on a daily basis. They worked pretty well. He didn’t like them and I don’t blame them. Once his kidneys began to fail, we had to put him down. They don’t make disposable dog diapers for large dogs when I was looking for them.

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