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Bird annoying cat

  • LiberalElite (3698 posts)
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    Bird annoying cat



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    I feel much better since I've given up hope

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  • Cassiopeia (1408 posts)
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    1. Brave bird

    Stupid, but brave.


    • Abakan (2223 posts)
      Profile photo of Abakan Donor

      2. The bird is no danger…

      Did you see when the cat bats at the bird, he has his claws retracted.

      These two know each other and I believe are friends.

      I have much to say, so I talk to birds. They are truly the only ones who listen.  
  • Calico (391 posts)
    Profile photo of Calico Donor

    3. Errr…

    some interspecies snorgling going on there! Bird is doing mating dance for kitty!