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Bird annoying cat

  • LiberalElite (4616 posts)
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    Bird annoying cat



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    I feel much better since I've given up hope

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  • Cassiopeia (1883 posts)
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    1. Brave bird

    Stupid, but brave.


    The only minority we should actually fear is the wealthiest 1%
    • Abakan (2540 posts)
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      2. The bird is no danger…

      Did you see when the cat bats at the bird, he has his claws retracted.

      These two know each other and I believe are friends.

      Hey Mr. Trump.

       Sometimes you're the windshield, and sometime you're the bug.

       You're looking pretty buggy to me. Carry on please, your windshield is coming.

  • Calico (404 posts)
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    3. Errr…

    some interspecies snorgling going on there! Bird is doing mating dance for kitty!