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CBD for Pets?

  • xloadiex (375 posts)
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    CBD for Pets?

    Has anyone tried CBD oil or treats for dogs? I have an 11 year old Lab who has arthritis. He gets Cosamin 2x a day in his food. I’m just curious if he would find any extra relief from CBD oil or treats. Our local news station just did a story on how many people are now depending on natural wellness supplements for their pets. One of the stores featured said CBD treats was a big seller.

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  • azurnoir (2016 posts)
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    1. I've read a report that say cannabis is absolute poison to dogs

    however our dog Ruby (who passed away last August in her sleep at home, she was 13+yrs old) ate an entire cannabutter spice bar a few years ago -my fault it was sitting on the floor next to me, the effects were as follows-she got unusually playful, then suddenly she was begging milk bone treats like she was starving , then she went to sleep, snoring sleep-it was the snoring that got my attention then I realized what had happened and her actions over the preceding hour made sense

  • Abakan (3002 posts)
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    2. I don't know about pets

    I tried it for my pain and it didn’t help.

    I had a puppy who ate a bud when she was about a year old

    and she acted spaced out and sleepy. I watched her closely

    it’s just a good thing it wasn’t a good bud. I kept saying in my head

    “you better get over this, cause I’m not explaining it to the vet!”

    On edit: She will be seven in July.

    “I’m, like, a really smart person.” D J T   Better to be a smart person, than to be like one, Donny.
    • xloadiex (375 posts)
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      3. From what I've been reading

      dogs metabolize CBD’s differently than humans. There is a brand that has been developed by a vet called Vet CBD. It’s reasonably priced and has very good reviews. Unfortunately, it’s only sold in dispensaries in Ca and they won’t ship. 

  • Pastiche (537 posts)
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    4. A friend of mine had a Burnese Mountain dog that had a cancerous tumor removed.

    The surgery left a bloody wound that was about 4″ x 3″. He was having trouble closing it. I gave him my canna-oil, which he spread on her wound. In addition, he put about 1/4 tsp in her food.

    Her wound healed in just a matter of days. And she lived an additional two years. When she passed, it was because of a birth defect, not cancer.

    Please note, Burnese Mountain dogs are large dogs.