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Dogs on Marijuana: Not Cool

  • LiberalElite (5559 posts)
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    Dogs on Marijuana: Not Cool


    Something was wrong with Betsy Gotbaum’s poodle.

    Harry, a reddish-brown 5-month-old puppy, was usually a ball of energy. But Ms. Gotbaum, the former New York City public advocate, had a hard time rousing him one morning last month.

    “He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t drink, his head was bobbling back and forth,” Ms. Gotbaum said.

    When he tried to get up, he staggered and fell. “We were afraid it was something neurological.”

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  • Jan Boehmermann (4219 posts)
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    1. Don't give your dog beer, chocolate, chicken bones…….

    ……. or cannabis.


    • hollys mom (907 posts)
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      2. Ihad to take away my key from my neighbor, she used to take my dog to her

      house when I was at work and I found she shared he screwdrivers with the dog. I noticed the puppy was getting moody.  then I found she helped herself to bottles of my liquor as well, so I guess she was taking it in exchange for care of the dog. We were good friends, soit was hard, she didn’t understand, but I had to do it for my dog, she was less than one at the time and lived until 15. .