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Gilbert's new hobby

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      The other day, I heard a quick knock at the front door; but when I ran downstairs, no one was there. As I turned to go back upstairs, I heard it again. And again, no one at the door. So I waited, and then I heard it again. But I realized it was coming from the room next to the front door. Gilbert’s room. I looked in, but all I saw were Cricket and Gilbert sitting on their respective cages. So I left. More knocking. I went back in the room. Both birds on their cages. I then left, but stayed next to the slightly ajar door. When I heard the knocking again, I slowly entered and saw this. He stopped as soon as he saw me and jumped onto his cage as if he were totally innocent. But after a few minutes, he climbed back down and resumed practicing his new hobby. He’s been doing this almost every waking minute for the last few days. I think I may have played the palm cockatoo video one too many times….

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