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Guess who came to dinner?

  • Calico (481 posts)
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    Guess who came to dinner?

    Posey, the smartest and bravest of the wild opossums that visit my yard, has caught on that I bring food offerings just at dark. I’ll open the door to see her peeking up over the top of the deck, or standing just outside the door. So I put a Thanksgiving spread out for her. She came in far enough to scarf up chicken and stuffing, and lick up the yogurt. Then she got nervous and skedaddled.

    I put the rest of the food outside for them, and she was joined by Blossom, the smallest and most skittish. They ate all the chicken, stuffing, yogurt, assorted berries and nuts… but once again left the sweet potatoes! I don’t understand… they all loved the sweet potatoes the first time. Now they won’t touch them, but are crazy about russets.

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  • elias39 (4451 posts)
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    1. Weird little critters.

    And I’m sure you know how they ‘play possum’. I saw it happen last year. My dog was barking up a storm in the back yard. I went out to investigate and found him standing over a young possum. It wasn’t moving. I collared the dog and just kind of poked it with my toe. Nothing. Dead.

    Whoa! Wait a minute! Suddenly I guess it figured it was now or never, jumped up and scampered off, none the worse for wear.


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    • Calico (481 posts)
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      2. I've never seen one play dead.

      I’ve seen them open their mouths wide, hiss, growl when startled. They’ve eyed my dog at the end of her leash and strolled off after deciding she couldn’t reach them. I scooped up a baby running down the sidewalk during the day in the middle of a rainstorm, all by itself — something was wrong with its one eye. Found one unable to walk, with its back broken after falling from a tree. I took those two guys to a wildlife rescue center. But not one of them played dead. I guess they just didn’t feel threatened enough.

      Update: All the sweet potatoes were gone this morning.

  • LiberalElite (5955 posts)
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    3. A friend in Florida had an oppossum take up winter residence in

    her garage.  My friend also called that oppossum “Blossom.” :-)

    I feel much better since I've given up hope
  • roguevalley (2352 posts)
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    4. My grand daughter rehabs them. U do good here

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