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Have to share this..

  • Haikugal (5346 posts)
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    Have to share this..

    Sent in by a fan. This hen is taking care of two barn kittens during a thunderstorm . . . what great motherly instincts! :)

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    • Sadie (3068 posts)
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      1. I love this!

      I grew up on a small farm and loved the chickens and barn kitties.

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      • PennLawyer (2094 posts)
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        2. My Grampa, a coal miner, also had a 2 acre "farm"

        He & my Grandma had some apple trees and a vegetable garden.  She cooked and canned or froze  all their produce every year.  On his little patch of heaven, he also had a frog pond and a chicken coop.  Better than Disneyland for a kid.  I got to throw out handfuls of feed for the chickens, calling “chick! chick! chick!” and gather eggs.  A family story about the time Grampa & Dad took my older brother and me out and showed us how to dig up potatoes.  they had my brother start first and I burst into tears because surely he had dug up so many there would be none left for me.  I must have been about 6 years old, but I still remember that day clearly.

        • Sadie (3068 posts)
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          3. My grandparents

          on both sides had small farms too.  My grandfather passed before I was born, but my grandmother ran a small grocer/gas pump/postoffice for a town so small that there were no stoplights.  We used to love to help pick wild plums for her to make homemade plum jam with.  She also canned all of her peaches, pears, and apples.  Love those memories.  :heart:

          She was the hardest working woman that I have ever known.  She woke at 5:00 am and ran the store all by herself.  She had 5 children who all grew up and moved away.  Lived to be 93.  :heart:

            Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
    • goodgirl (2185 posts)
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      4. That is adorable!

      Animals know how to love more than people sometimes.

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    • Abakan (2635 posts)
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      5. That's a keeper


    • Judi Lynn (5812 posts)
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      6. Wonderful. Thank you.

    • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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      7. I love chickens

      they are sweet, sweet birds. I farm sat for a friend once, several decades ago. Loved the chickens and the ducks!

    • Enthusiast (8405 posts)
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      8. Awww.

      Those kitties will love chickens forever.  :hi:

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