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I had wanted a dog for longer than I could remember

  • Magical Thyme (2849 posts)
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    I had wanted a dog for longer than I could remember

    The last time my family had a dog, he was really my sister’s dog, Mike. We had him for 1 year and then my parents made us give him away. They said it was because the neighbors were complaining too much about him. I found out years later the real reason. My father hit my sister so hard he knocked her down. Mike jumped to her defense and on him and he had to kick him in the balls (had we really not neutered him?) to get him off him. I was very young, I forget exactly how old. 9 or 10 at most; probably younger.
    In my early 30s, I decided to buy a condo. I chose a complex that allowed dogs with permission of manager, and then waited 2 years to be financially secure before asking permission. Unfortunately, the prior month the old manager retired. The new manager said no, they weren’t allowing dogs anymore because a newcomer had complained about the smelly dog next door. She told me to get a bird if I was lonely.
    Reagan had changed the tax laws and crashed the condo market shortly after I bought my condo, so I was now terribly under water and trapped. 17 years – and a few dozen birds — later I was finally able to make the move out of there, and forced to leave whether I wanted to or not by a registered sex offender who had targeted me for horrific harassment, 24x7x365. I packed up my zillion birds and bunny and pony, and moved to Maine.
    I had a couple cyber-acquaintances up here who urged me to get a dog immediately, for my own protection. I was reluctant at this point, with so many critters already my responsibility. But a year later, on Thanksgiving weekend, on the news, the critter adoption segment featured puppies at a shelter an hour to my south. 26 dogs – mostly mamas and puppies, plus a few individuals – had been headed to their deaths in Arkansas. There was no room at the pound. So someone at the local shelter drove a van from Maine to Arkansas and loaded it up with all 26 dogs, who would soon be available for adoption up here.

    I called. I had dreamed of getting a yellow lab female, so I asked about the labx mama. “She looks just like a fat little yellow lab,” the shelter rep said. And so I headed to the shelter hoping to adopt that mama. When I arrived on though, she was already spoken for. So instead I sat the floor in a little puppy pen, surrounded by her litter. All the puppies were jet black, including one with a corkscrew tail, except one who looked charcoal grey in the lighting. I took turns holding each puppy. One and all chewed on my sleeve, except the charcoal grey. He licked my hand. He licked my face. All he wanted to do was love, love, love. And that’s how Jakey chose me.
    December 19, 2004 was also a Saturday. Jacobs, my Christmas puppy, came home with me 12 years ago to the day.

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  • LiberalArkie (4083 posts)
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    1. Can't beat a black lab.

    Here is Sam

  • Passionate Progressive (1708 posts)
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    2. Lucky you

    Lucky dog.

    I say this as I sit here 8″ fresh snow on the ground, 3 dogs here with me on the sofa and my recently adopted (5 months ago) kitten on my lap.

  • Sadie (3070 posts)
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    3. My rescue pup

    is a chocolate lab.  I have to say she has been the sweetest and most loyal friend that I could ever ask for.  She is 11 and having surgery on Monday for a tumor.  I will do whatever it takes to make her life comfy.  Thanks for sharing.  :heart:

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  • Melissa (60 posts)
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    4. Family

    I love my four legged family.  I had 5 dogs at one time that I moved across the country several times with 2 kids.  Last year I lost another one and was down to 2 which was very manageable, but my heart was broken.  That little Yorkie that someone had dropped had slept with me and was my baby from the first  time I saw him.  I waited about 6 weeks and got another little dog that also sleeps with me.  The other two sleep in a crate with each other.  It took several months for the two old men (13 years old) to make friends with the puppy, but they all love each other and play well together now.

    Thanks for your story and your beautiful pics.

  • Abakan (2793 posts)
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    5. What a sweet story…

    Thanks MT

    I was chosen by a male ekkie today. His owner said he has never acted that way

    with anyone before. He was doing his mating dance on my arm and taking apple from my mouth.

    I am honored and Jake chose you which is the highest honor they have to bestow.

    We are lucky people to have these wonderful creatures in our lives.

    I hope all is well, I have reclaimed my bliss by starting to make my jewelry again.

    This is what I made yesterday.

    There are only two things in life, but I forget what they are. John Hiatt
    • Sadie (3070 posts)
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      6. Beautiful Abakan

      You have a gift!  I think you have discovered your bliss.  

        Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
    • Magical Thyme (2849 posts)
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      7. that's beautiful, Abakan…

    • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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      10. Pretty. I love the "tree" wrapping.

  • goodgirl (2184 posts)
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    8. Look at that sweet face!


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    • Magical Thyme (2849 posts)
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      9. 12 years later, still sweet