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It's been a while since my last post…

  • Deadpool (8729 posts)
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    It's been a while since my last post…

    Here’s Loki playing at the lake:

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  • Land of Enchantment (6760 posts)
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    1. Awww! Loki looks so happy! My husband had a black lab

    years ago and said she was happy in a mud puddle! Loki is gorgeous, thanks for the smile.

         "Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart." ~ Emily Dickinson  
  • cookie jones (515 posts)
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    2. Beautiful doggy!

    (((Dogs are so sweet)))

  • Judi Lynn (5761 posts)
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    3. Beautiful fur friend. Wonderful.

  • NV Wino (3630 posts)
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    4. Oh, cool!

    That photo was misleading. And that was supposed to be yapper. Damned auto correct.