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UPDATE HE'S HOME: Jakey has gone missing.

  • Magical Thyme (2849 posts)
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    UPDATE HE'S HOME: Jakey has gone missing.

    Thank you all so much. Right after posting here, I ate and headed back out. Searched the last trail I’d found until it was 100% certain was neighbor’s hunting dog, not Jake. They’ve been shooting this morning, I found several piles of feathers.

    I came back and checked — 1 call ( think from animal control). I returned the call & left a message. Heard a commotion across the street — it was my neighbor talking to woman pulled into his driveway. She saw Jake 1 mailbox up the street about an hour earlier. I headed up the street and found intermittent tracks in the sand by side of road. I walked a mile up calling for him. The tracks had long stopped re-appearing, so I headed back up the other side looking for any tracks. Kept calling for him.

    And then I heard him bark and started running up the street. I saw a neighbor 2 houses from mine walking down his driveway. When he saw me he asked if I was missing a dog. Jake had walked up his driveway right around noontime — when I was calling the police and the shelter, and probably right after the woman saw him across the street.

    He is so grounded. I’m so tired, and so fucking relieved. He’s never been missing more than a few minutes. 4 hours was 4 hour too many…



    I’ve been searching for 2 hours now. He disappeared while I was trying to clear the back door of the barn. He had no more than 5 minutes head start…thought he’d headed up to the house, which was where I found Luna.

    I’ve driven up and down the road in both directions. I’ve followed all the dog tracks to their end in the woods behind my pasture, except one set that I found by chance. They don’t look big enough or new enough, but they’re the last tracks left and head in the direction of the neighbors who have tried to kill him in the past.

    I stopped following them and came back to change to dry clothes, eat something…anything. Have called police & animal control.

    fuck i’m scared. if he goes down in the snow — most places are not too deep anymore, but I did drop down to 2 feet at a couple spots — he won’t be able to get back up. there’s hundreds, maybe thousands of acres of woods back there.

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  • azurnoir (2014 posts)
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    1. sending vibes for you to find jakey

    or better yet for jakey to get so far and circle around and come home on his own

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  • Peacebird (840 posts)
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    2. My Jake & I are sending positive vibes out for your Jakey & you


    please let us know when he is safely back at home!

  • MissDeeds (959 posts)
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    3. So very sorry, Magical Thyme

    Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Bless your heart – I know what you’re going through. Please keep us posted.

  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    4. Sending you and Jakey positive thoughts and vibes.

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  • Passionate Progressive (1708 posts)
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    5. Come home Jakey!

  • KauaiK (3530 posts)
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    6. MT – my heart goes out to you and aches for you.

    Do you have friends or neighbors who can help you search?   I wish there was something all of us could do to help or be able to join you in the search for Jakey.

    Please keep us posted.   :heart: and many :hug:

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  • oldandhappy (3790 posts)
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    7. prayers and hugs

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  • Sadie (3073 posts)
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    8. Please keep us updated

    I am so sorry!  Will be sending prayers for his safe return.  :heart:

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  • KauaiK (3530 posts)
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    9. Seems Jakey was feeling better so he went for a walk.

    Critical thinking is the vaccine for charlatans of the world who exploit ignorance - JPR's own So Far From Heaven.

  • Haikugal (6087 posts)
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    10. So happy for your being reunited with lovely Jakey.


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  • Totally Liberal Dem (1485 posts)
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    11. OMG….thank goodness!

    The cat disappeared last evening for a bit…and I was worried.  My pets are my 4-legged children and I worry about them just as much as if they were 2-legged humans.  Cat found a way out of the backyard is back and is presently confined in the extra bedroom until the gardener gets here this afternoon and plugs up the hole in the fence!

  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    12. Thank goodness he's home.

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  • nashvillebrook (518 posts)
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    13. SO HAPPY for your reunion!

  • Downwinder (1736 posts)
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    14. The new medicine is working.

    Too well.

  • HIP56948 (2975 posts)
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    15. Yea! I love stories like this but also love a wonderful ending.