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Jakey helps groom Snickers (& other bunny pics)

  • Magical Thyme (2849 posts)
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    Jakey helps groom Snickers (& other bunny pics)

    Along with growing ginormous, Nils has developed a coffee-brown patch on his nose and a bit on the edges of his ears. The rest of him remains caramel-cream. I couldn’t fit the entire 24″ ruler in with him without getting too far away and risking him getting in trouble!

    And Figgy Newton looks like he may be blue, rather than black. Either that, or he has very few black guard hairs or is just at an odd stage of wool growth. His wool looks homogeneous gray instead of showing target bands of white, grey and black…

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  • NV Wino (5120 posts)
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    1. Thanks for the pics.

    Always fun to see the bunnies.

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  • Haikugal (6084 posts)
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    2. They're getting so big! I like the brown patch on Nil's nose! What a cute face!

    Figgy is pretty and Jakey is such a good big brother.

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  • Abakan (2843 posts)
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    3. Oh My Dog! I remember when they were small.

    Beautiful boys MT.

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