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Magical Thyme has graciously volunteered to

  • Abakan (2635 posts)
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    Magical Thyme has graciously volunteered to

    become an admin of this group. Please welcome her and support her in her efforts.

    Thank you MT you are who I would have picked.

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14 replies
  • Cleita (2181 posts)
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    1. Welcome!

  • oldandhappy (3229 posts)
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    2. Thank you

    Best wishes.  I think it is a big job.  

  • jwirr (3398 posts)
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    3. Welcome.

  • Land of Enchantment (6818 posts)
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    4. Yaaay! Pet lover extraordinaire!!!

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  • elias39 (3246 posts)
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    5. Yay Magical Thyme!

    My dog Duncan says hello!

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  • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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    6. Wow! Thank you all!

    I just got back from plucking 4 molting bunnies only to find I have a job! Yay!!!!

    Thank you Abakan. I will wear this hat with pride

    • Deadpool (8737 posts)
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      11. If you need help

      or have any questions about the Admin tools, don’t hesitate to ask. 

  • Haikugal (5346 posts)
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    7. Excellent! MT is perfect and I welcome her as a new admin. I also want to thank

    you Abakan for all your good work during a difficult time here at JPR. You’ve done an outstanding job and I’m grateful to you for shepherding us to this point. :hug:


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    • Abakan (2635 posts)
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      9. Thank you, Haikugal.

      This group is not much of a job, we all love animals. 


  • share (355 posts)
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    8. Thank you! You have been wonderful, Abakan! And like you, I think that

    Magical Thyme will be fantastic at being the admin for this group.  MT, I always enjoy your posts.  If I have limited time and many posts to catch up with, your name on them makes me read them first.

    Share the love!

    • Abakan (2635 posts)
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      10. I'm not going away for good…

      I’m just not going to be here as often as I was. I wanted to make sure the group had someone

      who had the abilities that come with being an admin. I appreciate your enthusiasm

      in having MT as admin. I like you too.


  • Calico (406 posts)
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    12. Thank you…

    to Abakan and Magical Thyme!

  • Enthusiast (8405 posts)
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    13. Thank you, Magical Thyme.

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  • HIP56948 (2324 posts)
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    14. Bravo! Bravo! More Bunnies!

    Magical Thyme is a sweetheart.