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Moon Doggie goes to his forever home today.

  • Abakan (2580 posts)
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    Moon Doggie goes to his forever home today.

    His moving has nothing to do with killing Luna. As he grows he is becoming more and more

    agressive to my little Brussels Griffon, Gidget. I was petting her one night and found scabs

    all over her neck. That alone is reason enough for him to go, but he has also become destructive,

    he has destroyed the new drip lines I had installed last summer, at great expense.

    I just can’t have any of this, so he must go. I found him a family that really loves him, so he goes


    Now for the new bird news.

    I’m getting a female Alexandrian as a girlfriend for Jack. I wasn’t looking for one and then I got a call.

    The lady who had, Jack, has a line on two females and called to see if I wanted one. Since they are hard to get

    I said yes. There is a large corner cage on the back porch that will be perfect for them, tomorrow we are going

    to get the aviary my friend Debbie, found on craigslist. I’m hoping to move everyone outside after the breeding season is over.

    That’s it from Bird in Hand Aviary, for now.

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  • roguevalley (1639 posts)
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    1. finding a home for a pet is a good thing. It was meant to be

    birds rule. happy holidays out there

    Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot! I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! -V
  • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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    2. sounds like Moon Doggie needs to be an only pet

    so for everybody’s happiness, safety and peace of mind, this is for the best.

    Congratulations on finding Moon Doggie a good home and on your new family member :hug:

    • Abakan (2580 posts)
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      3. He lasted in his "forever" home one night…

      After all our talking and making sure everyone liked each other, they failed to mention

      they had a cat. Moon Doggie thinks chasing cats in my yard is good sport, I can only

      imagine what he would do with an inside cat.

      Fortunately there was another family I had been talking to about adopting him, the only reason

      they were not picked is because they had no doggie door. They are now installing a door for

      Moon Doggie. They have no small animals and their children are teens. He will be the only pet

      which is what I think needs to happen.

      I miss his little face and his sweetness, but neither Gidget or I miss his aggressive behavior.


      • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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        4. foolish of them not to mention a cat

        especially given his aggressiveness toward his smaller family members. Doggie door, or no doggie door, his new family of all adults and no other pets sound like a much better option for him.

        Teddy Graham has not gone back to the sweet boy who left here. However, at the bunny meeting I visited last month, I learned that their “real” personalities come out right about at 4 months. He was 2 days away from his 4 month birthday when he left, so in all likelihood he wouldn’t have stayed so sweet. He is a candidate for neutering to make a good pet. I wouldn’t breed him either (not that I am breeding anybody, lol). But if I were, I’d stick with Nils…along with his color, he has the combined size and sweetness.

        On the other hand, a few of my shyer, more reticent bunnies gained the confidence to come out of their shells around the same time.

        • Abakan (2580 posts)
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          5. I'm so sorry Teddy didn't get his sweetness back…

          I know you really loved him for his sweetness. If you neutered him would you keep him as a pet?

          Moon is the last male dog I will ever have, possibly the last dog I will have after Gidget goes.

          I had him neutered very early in an attempt to avoid all the male problems, but he went from playing with

          Gidget to attacking her whenever she came in the house. Poor thing would stay out in the cold

          if I didn’t get her and lock him outside.

          Some how I think bunnies would be less trouble.



          • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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            6. the bunnies are less trouble because they are penned/caged

            It’s the grooming that is (or isn’t) difficult. Mine are all “pets,” including Teddy, but angoras are fiber pets and 8 is too many to be able to spend a lot of time with each, especially where I have the other critters to also care for.

            Teddy isn’t bad or aggressive, but he’s just very rambunctious and he gave me a couple little nips again the last time I plucked him. The nips don’t bother me — they are tiny little pinches that startle. But I expect most people would be put off by it and I think neutering him would probably stop it. I shouldn’t say he isn’t sweet, because he is. He’s just a sweet brat, lol.

            Because he is so rambunctious it takes a lot of time to groom him because he wants to go off and explore. I have found if I let him hop around the bed for about half and hour he does eventually settle down. But again with 8 bunnies who all molt together, that is very hard for me to do. He is basically still sweet; just not the little lovebug. It’s partly my fault because I haven’t been able to give him the time and attention he needs.

            I can’t afford really afford to neuter him, plus with rabbits it’s very high risk. Apparently for them anesthesia is either “just right” or “lethal.”