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New Jersey bill would make declawing cats illegal

  • Hunter S (379 posts)
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    New Jersey bill would make declawing cats illegal


    Lawmakers in New Jersey are considering a bill that would make declawing cats illegal.

    If passed, the bill, A3899, would make declawing a cat a criminal animal cruelty charge unless it was deemed medically necessary. It would also make New Jersey the first state in the United States that bans veterinarians from declawing cats, according to NJ.com. Under the law, a veterinarian could face a $1,000 fine or six months in jail, and violators could face a $500 to $2,000 penalty.

    Spokespeople with the American Veterinary Association told the Associated Press that the operation isn’t barbaric. Many vets say with today’s techniques, they can remove a cat’s claws in a way that the pain they experience is similar to cutting one’s fingernails…

    Its not about the pain it does or doesn’t cause.  A cat’s claws are more like fingertips than fingernails – removing them has a definite negative impact on the quality of the animal’s life.

    Thumbs up for New Jersey

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  • Rocco (626 posts)
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    1. Good.

    Removing a cat’s claws is like removing your fingers.

  • Paper Roses (327 posts)
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    2. I hope all states adopt this. n/t

  • bvar22 (338 posts)
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    3. I agree.

    Mutilating an animal for personal convenience is cruel, insensitive, and thoughtless.
    If someone wants a cat without claws, maybe they should get a hamster instead.

    This is our current male mouser as a kitten. He is intense, and will play as rough as you want to.

    We live in the woods, and keep two “working” cats to keep our home and gardens free from rodents. Both have the full array of kitty armaments, and 24 hour access to indoor and outdoors through a “kitty door”. They are well mannered in the house, but do their jobs outside.

    We make one exception….we have all our pets neutered.