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This is Miku, the fastest treat catcher.

  • LiberalArkie (3908 posts)
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    This is Miku, the fastest treat catcher.

    Published on Oct 7, 2016

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  • HIP56948 (2315 posts)
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    1. Honey, have you seen the cookies I just set down here 1/10,000 of a second ago?

    • StupidRedhead (2248 posts)
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      2. Tell me s bout the cookies.

      one of ours got between 1 1/2 and 2 dozen off the plate I was cooling mine on. And she was neat about it too.  a couple of crumbs on the dining room chair and a few red sprinkles on the hand towel next to the plate.

      • HIP56948 (2315 posts)
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        4. …And she tells the other dogs: "You know, I really like this holiday stuff!"

  • Magical Thyme (2855 posts)
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    3. phew! I'm impressed!

  • oldandhappy (3223 posts)
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    5. She is a Pro!!

    She has it timed perfectly!  Flip, chomp.  Scratches to that good dog.

  • NV Wino (3630 posts)
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    6. She's developed a very efficient side nose technique.

  • Haikugal (5328 posts)
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    7. Impressive!

      Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!! Kick against the pricks!!!
  • Rehrucken (56 posts)
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    8. Wow!

    fast chops!

  • Judi Lynn (5761 posts)
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    9. Magical doggie! Thank you.