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Why do so many veterinarians commit suicide?

  • LiberalElite (5568 posts)
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    Why do so many veterinarians commit suicide?


    He treated our pig’s stomach ulcers, arthritis, and congestive heart failure. He saved our hen’s life. And when our beloved border collie, Sally, lay dying in our bedroom, he came to our home, and while I held her and sobbed into the bedspread, he eased her out of her illness.

    It’s hard to think of many people in our lives more important, more integral, or more venerated than our veterinarians. To those of us who love animals, veterinary medicine is one of the world’s noblest professions.

    So it was with shock and dismay that I learned that veterinarians suffer alarmingly high rates of depression and suicide.

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  • Mom Cat (14570 posts)
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    1. Seen their student loan payments? Frequently as much as an MD without

    the same pay.

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  • Sadie (3073 posts)
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    2. I love our vet

    and respect the work they do.  It is such a noble job and worthy of more than they receive.

      Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
  • Doremus Jessup (2975 posts)
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    3. Unlike medical Doctors, they must put animals down upon owner's requests.

    We can take pity on a suffering animal and choose to put the animal out of it’s misery. My vet schedules her euthanizations twice a week and always before closing. Most have animals/family members of their own so the empathy is a natural response. So many people get dogs that should not get dogs as they have no idea the costs and end up dumping the animals out in the country or worse. I could not do what they do. People have less and less money to spend on animals each year and have a hard time paying for the preventative measures, tests and food along with grooming. We get a couple of cases a yaer where they find many dogs uncared for and abandoned or dog fighting rings. You see a very dark side to humanity that you do not tend to see as much as with human medical situations. A 23 year old burnt his Mother’s dog and cat in a stove in early January as he was mad at her. This happened in my hometown. As John Prine puts it into one of my favorite songs of his, “Some Humans ain’t Human”.

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  • TwilightSporkle (1796 posts)
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    4. I have a friend who's a veterinary assistant in Oakland

    She uses me as a soundboard to get angst off her shoulders sometimes. Basically, being a veterinarian is a lot like beign a case worker for child abuse, without the legal options that example has. Like Doremus says, owners can euthanize their pets whenever they like. Not a week goes by that this lady doesn’t have someone come in with the story, “We’re moving and the new place doesn’t take fogs, so we need to put fuzzywuzzums under.” The amount of abuse and neglect they see is heartwrenching. From the rescue stories you see on youtube, people bringing in sick strays, to just the mindless bullshit (such as the people who try to put their cat on a vegan diet, not understandign what “obligate carnivore” means.)

    When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian, because I love animals. So my neighbor, who was our veterinarian, invited me to observe a day at his office. While not the horror story stuff I hear from my friend, it was pretty clear to me that while helping the animals is something I could love doing, dealing with hte people would be a frustration and source of depression for me.

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