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Why Euthanasia Rates at Animal Shelters Have Plummeted

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      DALLAS — When a lost, stray or abandoned pet entered an American city’s animal shelter 10 years ago, there was a good chance it would not leave.

      But in a quiet transformation, pet euthanasia rates have plummeted in big cities in recent years, falling more than 75 percent since 2009. A rescue, an adoption or a return to an owner or community is now a far likelier outcome, a shift that experts say has happened nationwide.

      The New York Times collected data from municipal shelters in the country’s largest 20 cities, including two in the Los Angeles metro area. Many of the shelters do not track outcomes uniformly or make historical data readily available online. Until recently, there has not been a concerted national effort to standardize and compile shelter records.

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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      My dog and our four cats all came from the shelter.  Well, one of the cats we rescued from a trailer park – the woman who hired my son to install a new water heater said that it had  had its tail chopped off by some boys, and she was going to call the county to get it.  Boots is still small because she had also had very little to eat, and was still more kitten that cat. but is the best and sweetest and snuggliest cat ever!   I do think the internet has had something to do with more animals being adopted.  And perhaps people just don’t have as much money now, and can’t spend a fortune on a purebred in a pet store.

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