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      Yeast and flour are difficult-to-find commodities right now. So, I’ve got a couple of links for y’all to peruse. Maybe post your own to share, too.

      Also, I found all the AP flour I need at a large ethnic grocery here (Phoenicia in Houston) so that might be a better place to find flours that are all sold out at the regular groceries.

      One of these links is for professional bakers/bakeries, so I don’t know if they sell to the public, but might be worth trying anyway. Plus, if you get a case of yeast packages, you can always sell to your neighbors 😉

      The Bread Beckers – https://www.breadbeckers.com
      Only one brand and size offered, Instaferm (Fermipan) Instant Yeast. Price is $5.24 for 450g (about a pound), with a buying limit of two packages. I did that, however, the lowest shipping cost was through the USPS at about $13 (UPS is offered, too, starting at $20 and going up!)

      Bakers Authority – https://www.bakersauthority.com/collections/yeasts-leavening
      Individual-package costs are higher than Bread Beckers, but if you buy a case, the price goes way down. Had to look up shipping and it’s likely going to be pricey:
      We use UPS and FedEx for our shipping services. Shipping charges are calculated based on weight, dimensions, and shipping distance.
      Still, might be worth it and then become the local distributor of bulk-yeast 🙂

      "Cake or death?"

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      If there is any pancake mix left on the shelf, check the ingredients. Some of them are basically flour and baking powder. Even if not a satisfactory flour substitute, living on pancakes is not so bad.

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