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Fixing a Dish that's Too Salty

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      Lately the RG has had a heavy hand with the salt. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he has over salted a number of dishes. Before he left for Italy he made me a beautiful lamb roast. Bad news:  over salted, just like a number of other dishes he’s recently made.

      Not to worry, however!  He taught me how to take the salt out of  a dish.  You can do it a number of ways.  For example, put tomatoes in a sauce and it will suck up that salt. Then take the tomatoes out.  Or you can blend them into the dish.  This trick also works using potatoes.

      I made the lamb roast into a soup and I used tomatoes as an ingredient. It was quite delicious and the salt “went away.”

      Meanwhile, he’s given up the salt shaker and everyone salts their own dishes.




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      Glad to see you back “in action”, NJCher!

      Życie to nie bajka......

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