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How to use different types of flour

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      This is from Treehugger, and is a good resource and description of the various flours, their uses, and what can be swapped for other flours.

      How to use different types of flour

      Learn which kind of flour to use for each purpose, and how to substitute one for another.

      All-purpose flour, self-rising flour, bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour – what does it all mean? What makes them different? What do you do if you don’t have a specific flour called for in a recipe? Do you use an equal amount when swapping? Gather rounds, friends, and let us tell you all about the diverse and mysterious world of flour.

      So, when I first heard rumblings that my city was potentially heading toward a COVID-19 lockdown, I went directly to the supermarket and bought a five-pound bag of all-purpose flour. It is the most versatile staple I know of; a pantry shapeshifter that can become bread, pasta, pizza, tortillas, dumplings, pastry, muffins, crackers, cake, cookies, and the list goes on.

      At the time I did not anticipate that flour and its beloved sidekick yeast would be amongst the hottest commodities of lockdown larders across the land. As Public Radio’s Marketplace notes, “demand for flour and yeast is on the rise. Red Star Yeast, one of the country’s major producers, has said the surge is unprecedented. At Vermont-based King Arthur Flour, sales are three times higher than usual…”And here we are, many supermarket shelves are bereft of all-purpose flour. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still bake! It’s time to play around with the flours that are available – or ones that you may have stashed away from old recipes; learning about flour swaps is a great way to help ensure ones you have on hand don’t go to waste. Here’s where to start.

      (more at linked headline)

      "Cake or death?"

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