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Rice crackers CAN taste good

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      Since I can’t have bread right now (another friggin’ elimination diet), or corn, or potatoes, or nuts, I’ve been badly craving something crunchy. Well, my prayers were answered last night when I came across a new brand of rice cracker. They’re made in the US, so easy for you guys to get. Made with black or red rice, salt, and palm oil (sustainable, from Thailand). OMG. They’re crispy and delicious.

      I can only get the plain salted ones here, but you guys can get salt & pepper and vegan cheese flavour. They have the consistency of crunchy Cheetos. I’m hoping that’s what the vegan cheese one tastes like, should I ever find it. I’m going to try crushing them and using them to make chicken fingers.

      Anyway, here’s the link: https://shop.laikicrackers.com/

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      I hear insects have a nice crunch to them, you can get some chocolate covered, and they are actually healthy too!

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      rosemary olive oil crackers – the crackers say ancient grains, though – both are gluten free.  I use them to dip into hummus or put dabs of brie on them, which just might cancel out any healthy qualities.

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