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The Infinite Variety Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos and Tacos

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      I’ve had two rare treats in Ohio this week, both either breakfast burritos or tacos. They’re inexpensive, require few ingredients, and are simple to make even after a hard day’s night.

      What do you need? Absolutes: Tortillas and scrambled eggs. How many depends on your appetite and how many people are eating breakfast. I use one large or larger egg per soft taco flour tortilla or two for a burrito-sized one. I always dice some onions, have some shredded cheese on hand, and use one of three meats–bacon, regular sausage(ground, chopped links, cut patties, makes no difference), or chorizo. With the exception of chorizo burritos, I always have some spicy picante or New Mexican green chili to smother them with because chorizo is spicy enough all by itself.

      How easy is it? Cook your choice of meat, chop it up or use ground to make it easy to apply. Set it aside. Scramble the eggs. Chop some onions. In no particular order, place eggs, meat, onions, and shredded cheese over half a flat tortilla for tacos or about a third of one for burritos. Fold the tortilla in half for a taco, roll it up into a burrito for a burrito. For smothered burrito or taco, pour some New Mexico green chili or your choice of hot or mild, red or green, picante sauce over the whole thing.

      Place your plate in the microwave and nuke it for 30 seconds to a minute to melt the cheese and heat to your preferred temperature, and serve. Then enjoy a kickass breakfast and take on the world.

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      Not a breakfast eater personally, but I could eat that any time of day or night; if its after 11:00 am just add beers.

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